Gone are the days when Games were considered waste of time, more and more scientific evidences are now accentuating their importance. In the recent years, the tech industry has made a significant leap and put forward ideas that were simply unthinkable a generation ago. Right from action to sports to puzzle; gaming industry has thrived to provide more than just a recreational utility. Games now have an important part in our lives than ever before

In 2009, A Swedish Programmer ‘Markus Notch’ developed a game that was bound to alter our perception and views about gaming. Minecraft is the most popular best selling game in the world with nearly 75 million copies sold as of 2015.

Minecraft is more than just a game. It offers s place where everything is made of blocks, where there is no limit except for your own imagination. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want. You can craft, explore, build, invent, combat, climb; virtually anything that you can think of. There is no one to let you down. It lets your creativity go wild. The freedom and the sense of purpose which this game endows upon to its’ users is phenomenal. The game has received applaud and fame in the education circles also. In Japan, this game became a part of primary school curriculum to be taught to kids. The Journal of Adolescent Research has also claimed that kids who play video games have much better personal and school life compared with other children.

This game is now crossing all bounds and entering into realms which were ‘no go’ for the gaming industry before. Politics is one such area which can really benefit from this game. And when one talk about politics; you cannot ignore Hillary Clinton.


Why Should Hilary Use Minecraft


Hilary Clinton, the 67th secretary of state and also the first lady of the United States is all set to contest the 58th U.S presidential elections to be held on November 8 2016. However, there should be someplace where Hilary could practice out real world political scenario or muster the opinion of her voters and opponents alike. Well, there is no better place than Minecraft.

Minecraft offers the luxury of creating a virtual political scenario in the game, and two kids from Newzealand had already done that. Geographical state like USA can be created having democratic settings and political parties just like real world. This would be instrumental in garnishing Hilary’s strategy planning and observation skills.  In the normal settings, you have to be on guard every time in Minecraft or either your avatar would be killed or inventory tools would be stolen. Same could be said about the political world. You always have to be guard regarding the stance by your opponents. It’s a cruel world out there and Minecraft teaches just that; One day of rest can put you far behind your counterparts.

The freedom of manipulation that the game offers is truly instrumental in perfecting one’s reasoning skills. She could truly try out the implications of many possible laws and legislation related to economy, law and order, market, women and labor.

The other best thing Minecraft offers is the luxury to play multiplayer. Hilary can really put forward her motto in the form of a compact political world with real world community settings, where the people would be free to participate and voice their opinions. In this way, she can learn from the game how a free environment that nurtures imagination and promote creativity is essential for a prospering nation.


The last best aspect of the game, which is also perhaps the most significant, is the survival mode. This mode just like reality, lays out a scenario where there are limited resources and unlimited wants to cater to. You have to survive from the given resources against the attacks by various monsters and beasts. Scarcity; isn’t it the core problem that we human constantly face? And well, the problem has only aggravated since recent times due to unrestrained conservation of natural resources. The reports have already confirmed that rich countries are exploiting natural resources at an alarming rate and it’s a no brainer that United States already tops the list. This would display an actual view of how our future generations are going to suffer from this scarcity problem. This should serve as a lesson to Hilary to carve out a policy that would take into account the benefits of our future generations as well.