There is a widely accepted perception that when you look good, you feel good. But what to do with the dry, flaky skin that not only impairs your look but itches like anything. Winters arrive and most of us feel like going through a skin transformation. It is a very uncomfortable feeling

People for ages have tried to protect this largest body organ by means of different practices and products.  Some cure lasted for ages while others vanished in the folks of ancient times. In this modern era of environmental pollution and hazardous substances, the need for cure of dry skin has increased manifold. Are you suffering from dry skin and want to get your hands on some magical dry skin products? Well! Looks like you are on the right place. This article is going to guide you about some amazing products that can really answer your dry skin woes.


  1. Olive Oil

There is nothing better than going natural.  Used for ages as a natural moisturizer, this antioxidants and fatty acids containing oil is your one stop solution for dry skin. Save yourself from the dangerous chemical detergents that can actually make your skin worse.  Switch on to this holy product that might just be in your kitchen’s cabinet. It is recommended to use Olive oil on your skin at least half hour before taking a shower

2. Coconut Oil

This is another instrumental natural cure for dry skin. The vitamin E and the Lauric acids in the Coconut oil protect against harmful sunrays and also prevent premature aging of skin. It is recommended to apply warm oil before going to sleep, and the practice should be continued daily for a couple of days to achieve soft and smooth skin.




  1. Clinique moisturizing Cream

Coming from the most renowned and trusted brand, this product is truly a boon for people with a dehydrated cracked up dry skin. Your dry skin basically needs juice and this cream provides just that. Made from the composition of natural ingredients and having no harmful consequences, this should be your good to go product to soothe and soften your skin.


  1. Nivea body lotion

Nivea, perhaps the oldest and most famous in town, are truly the trend setters when it comes to skin care products. This enriched body lotion contains almond oil, vitamin E and sea minerals; which are just perfect to ensure a hydrated soft smooth skin. The price is also very affordable at around $50. It is also perhaps the most used lotion in the world for men and women of all ages.

  1. Dove Cream Oil Shea Butter Body Lotion

This cream just shows how an artificial product can be so natural. Containing powerful natural ingredients like shea butter, coco butter and nourishing oil, it not only removes dryness but smells extremely good. It absorbs in the skin easily, making it smooth and silky.


Some tips from the Dermatologists

Here are some general guidelines which the Experts recommend to take into account when you have a dry skin.

  • Don’t bath or wash for too long
  • Stay away from air condition and heaters
  • Use gloves when washing dishes or going outdoor
  • Try to use warm water


So, you have discovered the secret recipe for dry skin, what are you waiting for now? Clink on the link below to see how these amazing products transformed people’s life.