Industrial revolution rendered expeditious technological and infrastructural development. The one field to cash in maximum gains from this revolution and innovation was the construction industry. Businesses are booming, population is rising and there is ever growing need of more and more construction.

Well, Construction is not an easy process. Whether you need to build small houses or towering sky crappers, you need the right equipment to do it. We believe we just know what you need. Here at Reliable Rentals & Leasing LTD, we offer refurbished equipment lift-offs and fixture services to our clients.

Want to work on elevated platforms or extreme heights? We have got the scissor lifts for you. You have a manufacturing business and face difficulty in lifting and moving materials at short distances?  No worries, we have got the forklifts for you. We provide all the right kind of equipment of top notch brands that you need for construction or shifting purposes; be it the excavators, the Boom or the Bobcats.

No! we won’t just leave you with the equipments to wonder about how they work. We also offer fixtures services. We have a very Professional and experienced team to help you with everything; right from installation to utilization to repair (if needed).

Why us? Simple because we are someone you can rely on. It is our motto to serve the best and be the Best. Being Second is not an option to us. Our highly skilled dedicated team with years of experience makes sure that you get the right equipment for your niche. Our rates are competitive and we follow a very simple fee structure with no hidden costs.

So, if you have a construction assignment or are in need of some lifting equipment; make sure to give us a call. You won’t regret it, its’ a guarantee.


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