100 years ago, there was no such thing as underwater diving. But then came the 21st century and life was never the same before. Incredible feats in technology lead man to do what no one could even think about in ancient times. Diving underwater is one of those sports which developed during this modern age and has been thriving since then. Thanks to the modern technology.

The scuba equipment was invented around in 1943 but it’s so dark inside that it was virtually impossible to see anything underwater. Well! Thanks again to the amazing people who invented the underwater diving Spot light to make visible the undiscovered underwater worlds and realms. Next the cameras went in and now you can see underwater documentaries, discoveries of worlds, marine life, habitat and species that were totally hidden from the human eye.

Our company is one of those enterprises which take pride in providing you with such tools to go pro with your camera. Our Waterproof LED video light for Sports Photography is one such product. Now you can go underwater and shoot videos as clearly as in sunlight.


What the Product Offers

The Product has been specially designed to thrive underwater with the help of 30m waterproof housing. This small powerful light with very broad beam angles enables you to shoot clearly even in extreme shallow waters and you don’t have to adjust the light again and again unlike other LED lights. It is very lightweight and compatible with chest and head straps, monopods and your other Go Pro camera accessories. The light emitted is so strong that you are advised to not look at it directly. There is a powerful 1200 MAH rechargeable battery inside the light ensuring prolonged video shootings. It’s compatibility with your gear suit allows you to shoot underwater with more flexibility and precision. It truly is a blessing for Go Pro fans; shooting underwater so clearly was never so easy. Not only that, you can also use it for other outdoor sports or recreational activities like in a trekking tour or exploration of caves, forests etc.

The other thing which makes our product so desirable is the affordable Price; it’s just under $40. Product so useful and so durable at this price is hard to find these days. And our company wants to be amongst those few who provide quality with a regard for your money. For every piece you buy, you are provided with an underwater Protective Cover case for your Go Pro camera. Such a worthy deal, isn’t it?  The precision and skill with which this product has been created is bound to give you an experience of your lifetime. The choice of customization, computability, quality and low price; these are what distinguish our product from others


So what are you waiting for, get your hands on our Best shoot underwater 30M LED video light to capture the amazing colors of underwater world. Add a value to your life; discover the spectacular kingdom of under water, discover what others could only dream of.  Its dark in there, why not bright it with our LED underwater light.